Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Illustrating-Finding inspiration.

Last week I got given an illustration project, to work on over the next few weeks. As soon as I saw the brief with the words '20 illustrations' I was filled with complete dread.  I have some amazing illustrators as friends and my inability is pretty obvious in comparison.  However instead of giving up I may as well put everything I have into it and Pinterest has absolutely come to my rescue with an inspiring variety of illustrations, so I thought I would share a few that I've FOUND...

Ekaterina Koroleva

Espirit d'escalier

Cate Parr

Chacha illustrations

Ping Zu

Liselotte Watkins

Emma Sailor

To see the full board of Illustration pins visit my Pinterest.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Fashion156 debate-Are Fashion Design degrees worth the paper they are printed on?

It's unbelievable to me that it's been a good 2 months since I last posted. What with getting back to uni after Christmas for a creative pattern cutting project, a trip to Paris, delving into trend forecasting and attempting to fit a life in there, it's been a busy 2 months.
This is a quick post before I get to what I've been doing, but I wanted to post this link to an article on fashion156's daily blog by Alexander Antoniou who is soon to be a fashion design graduate.
It's a great venting article, that is really interesting and definitely worth a read.
Whether you agree with it or not it definitely addresses a problem that seems to be more and more significant.  At the end of the day I think it's completely how you choose your university course. It certainly made me thankful to be in Bath, pushed more and more and focused towards industry expectations.  No course is going to be perfect and it would be a huge task to control fashion design courses by a governing body, but maybe one day it will happen.  I certainly think that this problem could become less prominent with a rise in tuition fees making course choice extremely important. However it definitely is up to the individual to find out everything they can about where they are applying.
Regarding Alexander Antoniou's points about Art Foundation courses, I do agree to some extent that colleges need to be brought up to what is expected at university.  I definitely wasn't prepared for my first term here, it was extremely tough and daunting and I spent most days wishing I could go home! But I'm glad I stuck it out, and I'm partly glad it was so hard, because although I didn't have much of a life and was unbelievably stressed, I am no longer in shell shock. I know what working levels could be expected of me in my future and more importantly I'm starting to really enjoy it.

So here it is, certainly a topic that should be taken notice of:Fashion156 Alexander Antoniou article