Tuesday, 10 June 2014


My new website is now up and running.

Visit www.kn-it.co.uk for more on Mission. S/S2015

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GFW 2014

Last week I was lucky enough to be chosen to present my Final Collection, Mission, on the Bath Spa university Catwalk.  After working so hard it was amazing seeing everything come together and seeing another 11 of my fellow Bath Spa designers work.  
The show was a joint show with Norwich University of the Arts and it was amazing to get to share a catwalk with Jess long-whom I met and did my Art Foundation with.  You can see all the pictures of the show on Vogue of my work and the rest of Bath Spa. 
We also got a great review over on Modeconnect which summarises the show beautifully. 


The week then got even better as I got down to one of 25 Graduates to go forward for the Best of GFW2014 and the Awards show.  It was so exciting seeing everything again and to get my work seen by even more people and the response has been unlike anything I imagined it would.
Although I didn't win an Award, just to be nominated and interviewed was a privilege.
You can see some of the award show collections on the GFW Blog


Thursday, 6 February 2014

Final/First Collection.

©Keziah Newlove 

I'm currently busy working away on my final term at university, in the midst of my final collection.  I have been knitting away and things are start to come together, for now here is a sneak peak of the first stages last year, much more to come!